Available Dogs

​​Shown below are the dogs currently assigned to the professionals here at Good Bones Dog Rescue and are available to be adopted, or soon will be. Please review each case carefully and apply for a dog that sounds like a good fit for you and your family. Remember, you and the dog need to FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE AND ENERGY LEVEL.  Anyone looking to adopt/rescue must be aware of the reality of why these dogs have been surrendered so that everyone involved has realistic expectations. The journey these dogs have taken to get to us (or any rescue organization) can have many upheavals and often many changes have already occurred for them. Any new situation can translate into fear, depression, anxiety, and other behaviors that will require time, patience, love, and above all, giving the dog a sense of security and stability. Not many rescue dogs can immediately fit into every lifestyle, but their nature makes them want to please their new family and their transformations can be truly amazing.

Please note due to rising costs the New Adoption Fee is $600.00. Our dogs are fully vetted
spayed, neutered, and up to date on all vaccines.
It takes 1-2 weeks to fully screened an application and due to the volume of adoption apps received, only the ideal match is contacted.