Happy Tails

We love it when our beautiful dogs in rescue find their forever homes. They become part of our family as we lovingly care for them. Although we miss them when they leave , we are happy for their happy tails ending. 

a tribute to louie - a good bones favourite

LOUIE - Today was such a bitter sweet day for Louie's foster Mom (she prefers to remain anonymous) and I, although we did a good job holding it together (lol). It's been a remarkable journey helping Louie return to the amazing dog he used to be 1.5 yrs ago. The adoption transition from foster home to adoptive home is now complete and Louie is home ! Louie has a new sun filled home with doggie beds in each room and a huge window to look out which he loves! He has a fenced in yard and nearby trails to smell and explore . I even noticed the large shelves and plastic bins dedicated to Louie filled with toys , quality food , snacks and holistic items bought for him, plus she gave to him a new Silver reflective collar with his details on it .Louie loved it because it was from his new Mom. He knew it was special:) Mom Julie has a list on her white board of all the adventures they are going to have. We just had to take a pic ( lol).

Louie's foster Mom and new Mom Julie have really bonded over their love for him . He is one lucky Boxer to have these remarkable ladies in his life. I watched Louie's foster Mom hand over her foster binder full of everything to help his new home such as his story of where he came from and his journey until now after 6 months together . There were pics, vetting history, behaviour history, training he has mastered as well as, sign language, his likes ,dislikes , fears, daily care for his skin, ears and yes paws , doggy first aid, nutrition, you name it! Next, I watched his foster Mom hand his leash over to his new Mom. We watched them walk off and Louie did not even look back .He knows that finally he is home and kept looking ahead. Have a great life Louie. XOXO