07.29.2022 - ROCKY has been adopted!

07.28.2022 - SAMMY has been adopted. OLLIE is off his training hold and ready for adoption. ROCKY is available for adoption and a new dog, OZZY is available for adoption. New bio and write-up for OZZY coming soon.

07.25.2022 - We have updated MARLEY's bio to state that no to cats but maybe dogs, but no females. MIRKA has been adopted. Her photo is on the HAPPY TAILS page.

07.22.2022 - JACKSON has been adopted. KIMICK has been adopted. LUPIN has been adopted. These photos are on the HAPPY TAILS page. ROCKY is on adoption trial.

07.20.2022 - MIRKA's status has changed to AVAILABLE from MEDICAL HOLD. New pictures of MIRKA have been added.

07.13.2022 - HAWK is adopted. His HAPPY TAILS photo is coming soon. A new dog, LUPIN has been added to the rescue but may already be a foster fail. Stay tuned!


07.05.2022 - ROCKY'S status has changed to TRAINING, ON HOLD. RIVER is returning to the rescue as the adopter hurt herself and cannot walk him so he is available again. His bio will be posted soon.

07.02.2022 - Fixed an issue where two dogs had the same write up. Added new BIO and pictures for KIMICK.

06.29.2022 - BEAU has been removed from the rescue and is no longer available.

06.26.2022 - SAMMY is new to the rescue and available for ADOPTION. New pictures of JACKSON and ROCKY have been uploaded.

06.22.2022 - HAWK and ROCKY are new additions to the rescue. RIVER has been adopted.

06.18.2022 - PHOEBE has been adopted!! Her HAPPY TAILS photo is HERE.

We are elated to share that Phoebe has found her forever home. A big congratulation to adopters, Dorothy & Kenneth! Hereโ€™s what they had to say about their experience: โ€œwe just came back from meeting Phoebe and my whole family loves her. She is so adorable and I love her gruff bark when she talks. We are so happy to know that we have been blessed with this beautiful fur baby who - despite everything - never lost her trust in people. I also have to say what an excellent animal welfare organization you are. Right from the beginning, it was obvious to me how much love and hard work you do to ensure that the fortunate fur babies that come under your care go to good homes
I also have to say - which I know you already realize - how fortunate your organization is to be blessed with such caring and compassionate foster parents. We immediately felt at ease and it was obvious how much they love animals.โ€ [๐Ÿ’•] Thank you for choosing to adopt and not shop. Happy tails our sweet Phoebe! [๐Ÿพ]

06.13.2022 - OLLIE is new to the rescue and available for ADOPTION. KIMICK is new to the rescue and is available for ADOPTION. BEAU status has changed to ON MEDICAL HOLD for now.

06.09.2022 - SAMMY, a new dog is available for adoption.

06.07.2022 - ODIN has been adopted. His photo is on the HAPPY TAILS page. We are elated to share that DAISY has been officially adopted. As you can see by the montage of photos, she is settling into her forever home. Her new owners report that she loves watching TV and chewing on her toys. It took a little longer to find an adopter for Daisy, but in the end she landed an incredible forever family. A big congratulations to Ursula & Andrew! Happy tails sweet girl.

06.03.2022 - MARLEY and MATURIN are new to the rescue. Check them out in the Available Dogs section.

06.02.2022 - MIRKA, an eight years young Boston Terrier is available for adoption. Also, her status has temporarily changed to MEDICAL HOLD. DAISY has been adopted.

06.01.2022 - MULAN has been adopted. Enjoy your furver home Mulan :). ODIN is on an adoption trial.

05.27.2022 - PHOEBE  is a new dog and is available for ADOPTION. RIVER and DAISY are on adoption trails. Fingers crossed it goes well :)

05.26.2022 - The Good Bones Yard Sale will take place May 29th @ 20 Boutiliers Grove, Darthmouth from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Please come by and show your support :)

05.26.2022 - BLAZE has been adopted. His picture is on the HAPPY TAILS section of the website. Enjoy your forever home, BLAZE.

05.20.2022 - Good bones dog rescue community yard sale on SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2022 AT 6 AM โ€“ 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM at 20 Boutilier's Grove, Dartmouth NS. Please come by and show your support :)

05.19.2022 - We have updated the Available Dogs page with new information regarding our adoption fee. We have removed the GoodBones Blog section and changed pictures on each page to freshen up the site a bit.

05.17.2022 - We now have a technical resource to update the website as soon as dog adoptions and status have changed. The website will be kept up to date from this point onward. Two new photos of Mulan were added.

05.16.2022 - Adoptable Dogs Blaze, Odin, Daisy, River, Mulan, and Jackson have all been added to the site. New pictures have been uploaded for each dog. Get your adoption requests in ASAP as they won't last long :)

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