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10.05.2019 - We have an update on pup Buffy from her foster home. Buffy has had to adjust to busy city life for the first time so at first she was overwhelmed by everything. "Lil Buffy has been improving SO MUCH. She doesn't react to any strangers on walks and has been letting random people (men included!!!) pet her! Her distance reacting to dogs is lessening but still gets pretty worked up by cats and skateboards. She's so so loving and loyal and hilarious and is proving to be very trainable!" ADOPT BUFFY TODAY

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Our Mission is to provide leadership and expertise through a network of trained, experienced volunteers to bring into rescue locally and within the east coast of Nova Scotia any owner surrendered or impounded shelter dogs of any size or breed.  

All rescued dogs will receive health and temperament testing then placed into foster care  while undergoing vetting and any rehabilitation necessary to help the dog become adopted into a loving, responsible forever  home.