Latest News from Good Bones

06.24.2018 - VINNY is available for adoption. JACK was adopted but his picture was left on the adoptions page. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

06.21.2018 - KIRA has been adopted. MAKITA's bio has been updated.

06.13.2018 - BUDDY and NANOOK are adopted! CORA a new dog is pending adoption.

06.12.2018 - New photos of BLUE, NANOOK and MAKITA have been uploaded. Also NANOOK, KIRA and BUDDY are all on adoption trials. 

06.08.2018 - NANOOK is back from his trial and is available for adoption. JACK has been adopted.

06.01.2018 - KIRA and JACK and pending adoption.

05.29.2018 - ZEKE has been adopted.

05.28.2018 - BUFFY has been adopted. BLUE's bio has been updated to indicate that he should be the  only pet. He is too food obsessed and protective of his toys to be in a home with another dog. No cats either.

05.22.2018 - BUFFY is available for adoption. A new dog JACK has been added to the rescue and is available for adoption.