Latest News from Good Bones

11.162017 - New photos of TANNER and BILLY have been posted.

11.15.2017 - ZOEY, PHOEBE and BEA have been adopted. Details on the HAPPY TAILS page.

11.15.2017 - New addition, ROCCO has been added to the rescue.

11.14.2017 - ZOEY and MANDY are on adoption trials. ROXY has new photos added and her bio updated.

11.09.2017 - LOLY's bio has been updated. BILLY has been added to the rescue. See the  Available Dogs section for all our adoptibles.

11.09.2017 - A new dog, MANDY has been added to the rescue. 

11.08.2017 - Updated new photos for LOLY and BEA.

11.02.2017 - A new dog, ROXY is available for adoption.