Latest News from Good Bones

09.20.2017 - New dogs DORA, ECLAIR and PETE have been added to the rescue.

09.20.2017 - TEDDY, CHAPPY, COOKIE, LUNA, BRYSON, GHOST and MAX are all adopted!

09.19.2017 - We are so very happy to announce that LUNA has been adopted.

09.18.2017 - CHAPPY has been adopted. A new dog, PARKER has been added to the rescue.

09.13.2017 - TEDDY, MOLLY, BRYSON, MAX, LUNA, GHOST and COOKIE are PENDING. TEDDY has been adopted!!

09.10.2017 - Three new dogs are available for adoption.  TEDDY, LUCAS and LOLLA.

09.03.2017 - JUSTICE and ORCHID are adopted. BRYSON is adoption pending.

09.01.2017 - A new dog GHOST is available for Adoption

08.30.2017 - New good bones dog JUSTICE is available for adoption.