When you choose to become a sponsor for one of our amazing dogs, we will Identify you as the dog's sponsor. You may sponsor a dog in your personal name, in memory or in honour of another person or pet, in your company's name or however you choose. If you sponsor a dog in the name of your company, you may provide a logo and we will link to your website if directed by you. Acknowledge that you are making a difference in a dog's life and helping make the dog more attractive to prospective owners.

Benefits of our Sponsorship Program

How does the Sponsorship Program Work?


Dogs are not inherently bad and are not the monsters the media makes them out to be. It is all back to the handler no matter what breed of dog.

Take the American staffordshire terrier for example, these dogs certainly don't deserve the bad press and harassment from the public and the media. They have it hard enough in the hands of their abusers and inexperienced owners. The ones that make it out of that life need understanding, compassionate, and responsible owners willing to take the necessary precautions to keep them safe and happy. Many of us care deeply for all dogs and they need help from good people willing to open their hearts to them. This is why the Good Bones Dog Rescue was formed. In addition to medical and dental expenses that dogs need , they require quality food, treats,  crates, blankets , pads or doggy beds. They also arrive stressed out so chew toys such as a hardy kong with PB helps,  harnesses or gentle leaders,  collars and leashes. Consequently, we depend totally on fundraising efforts and private donations to meet these needs.

  Good Bones Sponsorship Program

It is quite simple tosponsora dog in care until adoption or it maybe a one time event for a dog of your choosing. Once registered, you will be contacted and we will assign you a dog or you can choose . We will email you the ways in which you can select to help that particular dog. Options maybe that you could personally shop for needed supplies for that dog’s care, make a donation through PayPal , contribute directly to the animal hospital looking after that dog’s vetting.

We will send you regular email updates regarding the dog you have chosen to sponsor and how you have personally helped make a difference. We also do follow ups to let you know how they are doing in their new home. No administration fees and no salaries are ever paid. We are 100% non profit!

We established the “Have a heart for a Canine’s  sake"  sponsorship program so that we are able to keep the dogs in our care happy and healthy, and so that we are able to continue rescuing, which is of utmost importance. We want the ability to provide more than just the bare minimum to these dogs. Sponsorship can be rewarding for school classrooms, small businesses, retirement home residents, and others who can't foster nor adopt a pet of their own but, want to be a part of helping homeless animals. You can also sponsor a dog in memory of a loved one.