If you submit an application and indicate an area you feel confident in serving, we would be thrilled to have you on board. You will be needed! It takes a village literally to save a dog and to do everything that is needed for that dog to be come safe, healthy, rehabilitated and re-homed. If you don’t see an area listed that interests you but have an idea – we are listening. To volunteer, please complete our application.

Volunteer Application

Volunteering At Good Bones

VOLUNTEER CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: At all times, privacy and dignity of the animals, clients, donors, volunteers and rescue coordinators will be respect ,and the mission, vision and philosophy of the Good Bones Dog rescue ( Rescue Rehab) , will be followed in accordance with our policies, standards and guidelines. As a volunteer with Good Bones Dog Rescue( Rescue Rehab) and actually doing rescue you may have access to information and documents relating to animals, prospective fosters or , donors and volunteers that are private and confidential in nature. All records are the property of Good Bones Dog Rescue(Rescue Rehab) and will be treated as confidential material; reasonable care and caution should be exercised to protect and maintain total confidentiality. No person shall read records or discuss such information unless there is a legitimate purpose for the rescue. Information shall not be discussed with people outside this rescue including immediate family members. Certain volunteer opportunities require that we will request a criminal record with vulnerable sectors check.

Would you like to volunteer with Good Bones?                                                         

Good Bones Dog Rescue is operated totally through dedicated volunteers and yes , we would love to have some help!

There are so many areas you can assist us. We are still in the growing and organizing stages so please be patient.