​​Age: 13 Months Old

Sex: Male

Breed: Harlequin Great Dane
Neutered: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Micro Chipped: 

Adoption Status:  AVAILABLE

Tyson thrives in a calm environment with one or 2 adults. No cats or small dogs but, he is Okay with medium/big dogs who love to play a little bit rough. Tyson has food resource guarding so needs to be fed separately for meals. He also has a chicken allergy . Tyson loves to play with people but he jumps a lot and can be rough with his paws or be mouthy. He is calm after exercise. He is used to being crated or left in a room when humans go to work. Tyson likes to run away with a stolen objects/ toys.He doesn't give his toys easily but he still wants too play with you do, it's Okay if you exchange with another toy. Tyson always wants to play with other dogs but can be rough with his paws...he's a Goofy sweet boy with other dogs and acts like a puppy! He is being foster with a golden doodle. Tyson doesn't like children only because they are too intrusive of his space and competition for his food resource guarding. He's a dog with good bones if he is in the right home for him, he is a very playful and affectionate dog.

Available Dogs

​​Shown below are the dogs currently assigned to the professionals here at Good Bones Dog Rescue and are available to be adopted, or soon will be. Please review each case carefully and apply for a dog that sounds like a good fit for you and your family. Remember, you and the dog need to FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE AND ENERGY LEVEL.  Anyone looking to adopt/rescue must be aware of the reality of why these dogs have been surrendered so that everyone involved has realistic expectations. The journey these dogs have taken to get to us (or any rescue organization) can have many upheavals and often many changes have already occurred for them. Any new situation can translate into fear, depression, anxiety, and other behaviors that will require time, patience, love and above all, giving the dog a sense of security and stability. Not many rescue dogs can immediately fit into every lifestyle, but their nature makes them want to please their new family and their transformations can be truly amazing. The Adoption Fee is $350.00

Princess gets excitable when she sees another dog and excitement barks and jumps up with new people.

Tyson is a 13 month old Harlequin great Dane. He is neutered and up to date on vaccines and flea and tick meds. Tyson is fearful with strangers, will bark and needs his space but improving.He is very affectionate with women especially but, he needs more time with men then he is very playful after that. Tyson has a moderate energy level. Will be a good guardian, needs some management when new people come to his home because he's fearful but we can advise you on this.

Good w/ all physical manipulations, no bite history, no resource guarding, good with other dogs, curious with cats, good with kids and strangers, no fear of men, is affectionate and has a playful disposition, medium energy level, Good on leash, knows basic commands (in English), good teeth condition, not destructive, no anxiety, but does suffer from allergies.

Princess is very smart and learns quickly. She is house trained, knows basic commands, has moderate energy, walks well on leash with a freedom harness (although she is strong), and is very food driven. Princess is affectionate, but shy with men. No cats for this girl and not recommended with kids under 12.


​​Age: 2 Years Old

Sex: Male

Breed: Amstaff Mix
Neutered: Soon

Vaccinated: Soon

Micro Chipped:  Soon

Adoption Status:  PENDING


​​Age: TBD

Sex: Female

Breed: Amstaff/Lab Mix
Spayed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Micro Chipped:  Yes

Adoption Status:  Available