February 25th 2015

Adopt! Don't Shop

Man’s best friend. That phrase could not be more true. They are a source of entertainment and fun, not to mention the undying love and loyalty they have to give to their owners. Having a dog in one’s family is infinitely rewarding, and you can make that experience even more rewarding by rescuing your new friend. You are not only saving a life, but freeing up space for another dog to be rescued from terrible conditions and/or death. In Canada alone there are more than 172 humane society and SPCA shelters, filled with dogs (and cats) who just want a home to call their own.

We are fortunate enough to live in a province that does NOT euthanize animals left, right and center as a means to control the population. This is a sad reality in many other places in the world. While, sadly, 8000 dogs were euthanized in Canadian shelters in 2013, that number comes no where close to that of the United States, who euthanizes upwards of a million dogs each year. A million! Can you imagine how many sloppy, happy kisses and tail wags that could have been?

So, if you are looking for that new puppy or dog to add to the family, please consider adoption. Save a life. Rescue your new best friend. You might just find that you have been missing them all along.

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