Good Bones Dog Rescue Blog

June 23rd 2015

Choosing the right dog for your family

Bringing a new dog into the family is exciting! Maybe it’s the first you’ve ever owned one, or the first in many years, or just another to round out your family - regardless it can be a very bustling and busy time! One way to make this transition smoother and increase everyone’s happiness overall is to choose the best fit for your family. A more laid back individual would not be suitable for a high-energy breed like the Visla that needs a job to do, just as a very active individual might have trouble getting their Bernese mountain dog to keep up on long hikes. Here are some things to consider when bringing home your next furry family member:

Size - Take into account the potential adult size of your new puppy. If owning a big dog is not something you want to be responsible for, do not get a large breed puppy. All puppies are cute but if you know you will not appreciate the extra feeding, poop cleaning and general taking-up-of-couch space, go for a smaller breed.

Activity level - As mentioned before, choose a dog that can keep up with you and vice versa. All dogs need a general amount of physical and mental stimulation and exercise to stay happy and healthy but some breeds will most definitely need it more than others.

Age - The puppy and senior dog up for adoption at your local shelter have very different needs to be taken care of. The puppy will most likely require much more socialization and training than the senior dog, but the senior dog may have some health problems to take care of, or a need for extra attention, Make sure that the age of your pup and its subsequent needs are something you can look after.

BSL - Breed Specific Legislation - Some breeds of dog are victimized in certain cities due to outdated legislation that assumes they are dangerous or aggressive, usually based on physical appearance. The bully breeds, most commonly those that fit the pit bull-type dog category are most often attacked. Owning one of these dogs takes an extra amount of responsibility and patience, things that not everyone has. This is a must to consider when bringing home a dog that will be judged and possibly held to different standards.

Shop or Adopt - If you are here on the Good Bones website, it is assumed that you have an interest in rescue, foster and adoption. With so many dogs dying daily in shelters, especially those bully breeds just mentioned, it is very important to rescue your pets if possible. Some people may have an interest in a specific pure bred, family or line of dogs or have other reasons for wanting to buy and that is definitely a personal choice, but of course we would hope that you consider adopting your next pet if you can. Saving a life while taking a burden off of the rescue system is a great thing.

Of course there are always exceptions to these general ideas and some dogs and families just click, but it is worth looking into the long-term compatibility of you and your new pup to ensure the best quality of life for everyone. Please consider these points as well as doing lots of personal research before bringing home your new family member. You can never be too prepared!

- Danielle, Zeus & Kratos #zeusandkratos